Marketing Commmunications

If you need to promote your organisation and its solutions in English, you need material which has been written by a native speaker who is experienced in writing marketing literature for corporations. A native speaker will be able to capture the tone, style and idiom you are looking for more effectively than with a translated text.

Even if you have excellent English, it pays to proofread any document or text which will be published or receive wide distribution. The importance of accurate spelling and grammar in written communication cannot be overestimated. It is crucial to ensure that all of your information is written correctly, and that it maintains a consistent style and tone.

  • Eliza has worked with us on the company's annual report, newsletter and other material. She is innovative, writes in a clear and lucid manner, and delivers all assignments efficiently and on time.
    Elísabet Hjaltadóttir, former Director of Corporate Branding, Actavis
  • Bad English can, as they say, mean bad business. We at Iceland Express put our trust in Eliza who has frequently prevented us from inadvertently saying something incredibly silly on our English website and in our email newsletters to thousands of Europeans. You should too.
    Valgeir Valdimarsson, former User Experience Director, Iceland Express
  • I have worked with Eliza on various projects and without exception she brings new ideas and added value to the products beyond the written text. She’s a true pro, works fast and brings quality work every time.
    Jónas Þorbergsson, Graphic Designer, Fínlína
  • Eliza's experience in journalism, sales and marketing is invaluable when it comes to writing an entertaining and lively text. She is ambitious, meticulous and precise and it is extremely rewarding to work with her. I have recommended her to all I know who could possibly use her services.
    Svanlaug Jóhannsdóttir, former Project Manager, Klak - Innovation Centre
  • It’s great working with Eliza, because she has the experience and skills to capture the tone, style and idiom to make your writing pro.
    Þorsteinn Garðarsson, CEO, Action Day
  • Reykjavík University has been lucky to collaborate with Eliza and the service we have gotten is superb. Eliza not only proofreads but she also uses a lot of critical thinking, thus improving the texts she works with.
    Margrét Jónsdóttir Njarðvík, former Director of International Affairs, Reykjavík University
  • We at Calidris really enjoy working with Eliza. She's creative, organised and gets things done. I am very pleased with the work she produces for us.
    Magnús Ingi Óskarsson, CEO, Calidris (now part of Sabre)
  • Eliza was a true godsend for us at Crymogea because she is both fast and precise. She is a fine writer with a good feeling for language and style.
    Kristján B. Jónasson, Publisher, Crymogea
  • Eliza has worked on several publications for us at Visit Reykjavík. She always delivers 100%, in perfect English and on time, and her marketing experience means she can contribute creatively too. Extremely efficient and dependable, I highly recommend Eliza to anyone in need of professional writing in English.
    María Reynisdóttir, former Project Manager for Tourism, Visit Reykjavík
  • Eliza is highly professional and we have enjoyed an excellent cooperation. She is always ready to help and can take on projects on short notice and yet deliver outstanding results. Eliza has been of great help in terms of writing and translation of our marketing material.
    Halldór Kristmannsson, Global Communications and Media Relations, Alvogen
  • The importance of creating clear and succinct text that captures a reader's attention and introduces a company's expertise cannot be overestimated. Nobody has served us better than Eliza in constructing a concise message of that kind. She is imaginative, meticulous and quick thinking.
    Inga Sólnes, CEO, Your Host in Iceland
  • Eliza makes the effort to understand the message that you want to communicate, and then she makes it better. Through our collaboration on Vox Naturae, she has prepared texts for high-level policy makers, international corporations as well as the general public and on every occasion demonstrated a wonderful ability to give it the correct texture and flavor. Eliza goes well beyond the role of copy editing as she comes up with great new ideas of instruments and approaches to communicate our message. She is committed, very efficient and great fun to work with.
    Páll A. Davíðsson, co-founder and director of Vox Naturae
  • Eliza worked with CCP as a writer and part-editor for the company‘s Annual Report. She is professional and helpful, especially patient and supportive with those whose first language is not English. Her organisation skills really aided us in meeting our deadlines throughout. Needless to say, CCP will be calling on Eliza again at the same time next year.
    Peri Desai, Corporate Communications Manager, CCP Games

How can I help?

I have worked in marketing for over a decade (both in Iceland and abroad). Projects with which I can help you include:

  • Writing text for new product or corporate brochures
  • Conducting interviews, editing and preparing text for company newsletters
  • Writing articles for specialist publications and other promotional material
  • Proofreading advertisements, technical proposals, annual reports, academic dissertations and books
  • Writing blogs for companies
  • Editing submissions for annual reports, newsletters or other documents
  • Advising on foreign markets when preparing marketing material
  • As a regular, reliable point of contact for an organisation’s staff members who need English documents or presentations reviewed / proofread

Graphic designers: Add value for your clients by being able to offer English proofreading / editing services, working in co-operation with me.

Samples of my work

I wrote the text in the following documents. These documents are all in the public domain; I have worked with several other companies and organizations with confidential content. Other projects have included text for annual reports, staff newsletters, press releases, and ad campaigns.

  • Sævar Karl - An advertorial text in a guide to Reykjavík shopping. May 2009 : PDF
  • Atlantica magazine - A promotional article on Sjónlag laser eye clinic, published in Icelandair's in-flight magazine and in Iceland Review. January 2009 : PDF
  • Fish Farming International - An article written to promote Vaki's solution, published in the specialist paper Fish Farming International. January 2009 : PDF
  • Visit Reykjavík - The "Think of a Family Break" brochure on the Reykjavík Capital Area. August 2008 : PDF
  • Reykjavík Pure Energy - Selections from a promotional guide to the Reykjavík Capital Area. (The selections appeared in either 2005, 2006 or 2007.) January 2007 : PDF
  • Issues & Images - An interview with Dr Sigríður Valgeirsdóttir of NimbleGen. July 2006 : PDF
  • Iceland Express - Texts written for Iceland Express's English website. January 2006 : PDF
  • Iceland Review - A promotional article on Icelandair Hotels in an IR Special Supplement. September 2005 : PDF
  • Seafood Cellar - A brochure for foreign travel agencies booking groups in Iceland. January 2005 : PDF

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