Event & project management

Project Management

Project management encompasses many things. It can involve planning an event, implementing a strategy, launching an organisation, promoting a new product or tapping a network of contacts to achieve a specific goal.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects with clients both in Iceland and abroad.

Ways in which I can help you:


  • Event organisation
  • Promotion of an event, organisation, or product
  • Managing a project from start to finish
  • Follow-up and analysis of completed projects
  • Liaising with interested parties and bringing together diverse groups
  • One of the best organised conferences I have attended.
    Alan Blyth, attendee, The Arctic Convoys: A Lifeline Across the Atlantic
  • Thank you for the terrific job you did; we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    Michael Walling, speaker, The Arctic Convoys: A Lifeline Across the Atlantic
  • Our thanks for your brilliant organisation and your general good humour.
    Alec Douglas, speaker, The Arctic Convoys: A Lifeline Across the Atlantic
  • It was an experience I will never forget.
    Laura Vasilion, attendee, The Arctic Convoys: A Lifeline Across the Atlantic
  • You and your colleagues are to be congratulated on bringing about this piece of recorded history.
    Ron Wren, Chairman, The Arctic Campaign Memorial Trust, for The Arctic Convoys Commemorative DVD
  • I found [this DVD] to be a unique and marvellous insight into this chapter of WW2. I particularly liked the poems, humour and the focus on the human aspect of life during the convoys. The editing of the veterans’ accounts interspersed with conference speeches and archive film and photos was done very well.
    Chris Erswell, son of WWII veteran, for The Arctic Convoys Commemorative DVD
  • I knew from the start that Eliza was the right person for the role of Chair of ESU Iceland. When she took over from me in 2009 she started using her amazing organisational skills to drive our group forward in a structured and efficient way and motivated everyone to put in their best effort. She's been enthusiastic, highly organised, bubbling with ideas and energy and in every way the key to the success of ESU so far in Iceland. We wouldn't be where we are today without her.
    Sigurður Darri Skúlason, Chair, ESU Iceland (2008)
  • Eliza is an excellent organizer, both professional and friendly and with a high regard for the end result of the project. I worked with Eliza on the organisation of the launch of ESU Iceland. It was a complex and challenging task involving delegates from multiple countries, high level speakers and special guests such as ambassadors. Eliza was brilliant and adaptable and the event was a huge success.
    Annette Fisher, former Head of International at the English-Speaking Union, London, UK
  • [The Iceland Writers Retreat] was the organizers’ love letter to Iceland. ... I would strongly recommend this retreat, especially for beginner writers. My week there was an inspiring mix of craft and sightseeing.
    Katrina Woznicki, Iceland Writers Retreat 2014 Participant
  • Knockout performance for a first-time conference; everything was fabulous.
    Diane, Iceland Writers Retreat 2014 Participant
  • It was so perfectly planned and organized. The organizers did a brilliant job.
    Renate, Iceland Writers Retreat 2014 Participant
  • One of my top three best travel and workshop experiences of my life. Will always remember this remarkable experience.
    Anne, Iceland Writers Retreat 2014 Participant

Selected Current & Past Projects

Co-Founder, Iceland Writers Retreat, Ongoing

  • The Iceland Writers Retreat took place for the first time in April 2014. This annual event brings together writers to participate in a series of workshops led by an esteemed team of international authors. Through a series of cultural tours and other events, it also introduces visitors to Iceland's rich literary tradition. I am one of two co-founders and organizers for this groundbreaking event in Iceland. The Iceland Writers Retreat has been featured in the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, the Singapore Straits Times, and the Independent (UK). It was named one of the world's best writers' retreats by the Sydney Morning Herald, and one of the top 10 "Events to travel for in 2014" by Four Seasons Magazine.

Editor, Icelandair Stopover, Feb. 2012 — present

  • Icelandair Stopover is the in-flight magazine of Icelandair. This quarterly publication has the largest print run of any Icelandic publication and is written to introduce passengers to the airline and to Iceland as an exciting travel destination. Work includes story generation, writing, copy editing, working with designers, sourcing images, assigning stories to other writers, and general project management. A sample of one feature for the magazine can be found here.

Chair, ESU Iceland, Jan. 2009 — Mar. 2013

  • The Iceland branch of the international charity the English-Speaking Union was launched in the autumn of 2008. The role of chair, a voluntary position, involves recruiting committee members, liaising with the global ESU, and overseeing a committee of eight individuals who secure funds for this charity, promote the organisation and its events, and facilitate numerous events, including public lectures, student public speaking competitions, and social gatherings.
  • ESU Iceland has sponsored several events in its short existence. In October 2009, two of its initiatives were identified from a total of 15 highlighted at the International ESU's annual meeting.
  • The official launch of ESU Iceland was held in June 2011 and was a tremendous success, with receptions hosted by the president of Iceland and the English-speaking embassies, and speakers including Iceland's foreign minister and the rector of the University of Iceland. The three-day event attracted delegates from more countries (16) than any previous ESU launch, and one of the highest total number of delegates (57).

Project Manager, The Arctic Convoys: Commemorative DVD, 2008 — 2009

  • A follow-up project from the conference of the same name, I co-ordinated production of a unique commemorative DVD on the Arctic Convoys, combining academic presentations from the conference with veterans' interviews.
  • The project involved recruiting and working with film editors, six embassies, and the office of the president of Iceland. I also co-ordinated fundraising efforts to cover production and shipping costs for this DVD, which was completed in the autumn of 2009.

Project Manager, The Arctic Convoys: A Lifeline Across the Atlantic, July 2008

  • I worked with Global Center, the office of the president of Iceland, the University of Iceland, and six embassies to co-ordinate this groundbreaking conference which attracted leading academics and convoy veterans from seven countries.

    Brand Awareness Project

  • In 2006 and 2007 I worked for UK publishers Macmillan to introduce their ESL textbooks and dictionaries to primary and secondary schools in Iceland. As a result of my work, sales to secondary schools increased 150% year-on-year, while the primary market tripled in size.

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